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This site is to manage final year projects at the School of Computer Science and Informatics, Cardiff University. Please see the wiki for detailed documentation.

Please log in to gain access to your projects. This site is open to any student doing a final year project and members of staff involved in these projects. Please log in using your Cardiff University username and password or the specific username and password provided to you for this site. Usernames are case-insensitive (converted to lower-case), passwords are case-sensitive. If you do not have such an account or for any other queries, please contact us.

PATS logs every access for at least the last six months, many links only work if they are generated by PATS, and all data is timestamped and signed. This enables us to trace what has been done on the site and we can check claims regarding project submission and related issues.

PATS has a stable, testing and unstable mode, that can be selected once you have logged in. We recommend you use stable. You may want to use the testing mode for new features and to help testing the site. If you use the unstable mode you may loose all data and nothing may work, even if it appeared to work, so stay out unless you have been specifically instructed to test something or feel very adventurous (and remember that we log who you are and what you are doing). At the PATS development site you can see which issues are in unstable (doing) and testing mode (in addition to planned and completed issues).


Compatibility: In order to use this site your browser must be able to handle HTML5, have javascript enabled, have reasonable CSS3 support (to be safe), and allow HTTPS cookies from If you are experiencing any problems, try using a recent version of firefox, vivaldi or chrome. Note, browsers not running on Linux are not tested by the developers.

The following issues have been reported and we do not intend to fix them:

  • Older versions of internet explorer may cause login and upload problems. Use a recent version of firefox, vivaldi or chrome.
  • Safari with nightshift and similar colour adjustment plugins may not work correctly (disable them for this site; they must be able to deal with css variables).

Service Status

WebserverUPIn case the web server is down (so of course you cannot see this message), please contact the COMSC system administrators ( or telephone 74487).
PATS?If this is DOWN, then the version of PATS you are using is under direct development and some services may fail intermittently. Any lasting issues on the stable or test version should be reported to the PATS developer (see above). If you are using the unstable version, you are on your own.
Database?If the database is down, PATS cannot function at all. The database is managed by the COMSC system administrators. Please contact them if it is down ( or telephone 74487).
CU LDAP Authentication?Without Cardiff University's LDAP authentication service, you cannot log in. At least one of the two LDAP services must be up. Please contact the COMSC system administrators if it is down ( or telephone 74487).