PizzaBox: Studying Internet Connected Physical Object Manipulation based Food Ordering

Luke Jones


Supervised by Charith Perera; Moderated by Hantao Liu

This paper presents the designing and testing of PizzaBox, a 3D printed, interactive food ordering system that aims to differ from conventional food ordering systems and provide an entertaining and unique experience when ordering a pizza by incorporating underlying technologies that support ubiquitous computing. The PizzaBox has gone through both low and medium fidelity testing while working collaboratively with participants to co-design and refine a product that is approachable to all age groups while maintaining a simple process for ordering food from start to finish. Final testing was conducted at an independent pizzeria where interviews with participants lead us to develop four discussion themes 1) usability and end user engagement, 2) towards connected real-time products and services, 3) healthy eating, 4) evolution of food ordering systems. Our interviews show that in general, PizzaBox would have a greater appeal to a younger audience by providing a fantasy of helping in the creation and baking of the pizza but also has a novelty value that all ages would enjoy. We investigate the effect that the PizzaBox has in encouraging new healthy habits or promoting a healthier lifestyle as well as how we can improve PizzaBox to better encourage these lifestyle changes.

Initial Plan (04/02/2019) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (01/06/2019) [Zip Archive]

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