IoT Skullfort: Exploring the Impact of Internet Connected Cosplay

Rhys Beckett


Supervised by Charith Perera; Moderated by Richard Booth

In this paper, we explore the potential impact of Internet of Things (IoT) technology may have on the cosplay community. We developed a costume (an IoT Skullfort) and embedded IoT technology to enhance its capabilities and user interactions. Sensing technologies are widely used in many different wearable domains including cosplay scenarios. However, in most of these scenarios, typical interaction pattern is that the costume responds to its environment or the player’s behaviour (e.g., colour of lights may get changed when player moves hands). In contrast, our research focuses on exploring scenarios where the audience (third party) get to manipulate the costume behaviour (e.g., the audience get to change the colour of the Skullfort using a mobile application). We believe such an audience (third party) influenced cosplay brings new opportunities for enhanced entertainment. However, it also creates significant challenges. We report the results gathered through a focus group conducted in collaboration with cosplay community experts.

Initial Plan (04/02/2019) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (10/05/2019) [Zip Archive]

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