"Twitter-style" App for Group Communication

Michael L James


Supervised by Alun D Preece; Moderated by Nick J Avis

The aim of this project is to allow communication to groups of individuals that share something in common, in an anonymous fashion. Communication can be taken place locally or nationwide. The objective is to design a central system that will transmit incoming messages through a Twitter-Style switchboard distributing their messages to the recipients hiding their identity from their recipients. Recipients will then be able to respond if they so wish. Such a system will encourage communication between group members and potentially return an insight to unspoken feelings. End users will optionally sign up for the service via direct communication to a representative of the system, to ensure security. The system will use SMS for data transmission to offer cheaper access to the service rather than using data rates.

The system could be mapped to any large grouping; take this first use case as an example; a Patient-to-Patient group; communicating to help support each other. Patients are grouped together according to their situation: illness and past illnesses. Conversations will help others understand someone else is or has gone through the same problem. Hopefully boosting patient morale. The conversations will allow clinicians (observers) to view them and intervene, to make adjustments in their methods to improve service.

The system could be mapped to a school creating groups for each course, allowing students to pass their views and opinions on lecturers, module content, module structure, coursework, etc. Again observers of the system would then be able to view conversations and make adjustments to the course.

Initial Plan (14/10/2011) [Zip Archive]

Interim Report (16/12/2011) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (04/05/2012) [Zip Archive]

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