Assessing the Effectiveness of the Mobile Platform for Market Research

Meagan E Vaughan


Supervised by Wendy K Ivins; Moderated by Andrew Jones

I propose to design and develop a mobile application which aids businesses in market research.

Having thought about ways of improvement of market research and further development of the mobile application features I felt it would be interesting to research the effectiveness of this idea. By using the emerging technology of mobile applications and existing research techniques such as questionnaires, we would be following the development of technology by moving from websites to applications. This could also make it easier for business to conduct research, but could also be easier and more effective for the general public who would be providing the information.

My primary target audience would be restaurant managers/managing directors and the customers of the restaurants. The managers/managing directors would use the application to create questionnaires for their customers to complete. The customers would then scan the ???scan square??? and the application with the bespoke questionnaire (relevant to restaurant) ready for the customer to complete and submit.

Currently, there is not an application the same as the one I propose, but similar ones, for example an application that contains a range of different surveys that can be filled out by the use and the will be paid for their contribution.

From looking at the different options I feel that developing an Android application is the best option for me, as it is a new and fast growing platform. I am going to follow the development lifecycle involving detailed planning (gantt charts, UML, designs etc) followed by gradual development of the application following the plans and then complete testing and different evaluations including heuristic and user tests. Maybe if able to fully develop the application I could get a restaurant to test it so that I can work with live feedback, otherwise I would create a scenario.

As well as talking about the process method within my report, I will also address the emerging use of mobile applications, about market research and how developing research types into applications. I could compare with method with the traditional methods such as in street questionnaires, web based questionnaires, focus groups and much more. Reflection on the project management and development process and what I have achieved and learnt from this project will also be included.

As the development of this project could take me a considerable amount of time I have decided to complete the planning, requirements and design the applications. Once this is complete I will then outsource the project to an Android developer who will complete the development according to my design and specification. The developer will be managed by myself through checkpoint reports and meetings using traditional project management techniques.

Initial Plan (18/10/2012) [Zip Archive]

Interim Report (13/12/2012) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (03/05/2013) [Zip Archive]

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