Augmented Reality development Project: The Stone, the Mermaid, and the Painter

Talis Harris


Supervised by Frank C Langbein; Moderated by Martin Caminada


The following Final Year Project provides a cutting-edge Augmented Reality solution to tourism challenges faced by The Hilton Historic Trust in a remote highland village in Scotland. It includes 4 AR experiences linking to key artefacts surrounding the village. The experiences are of an infographic nature, containing facts, media, links, and additional features. The results of this project have the potential to answer whether AR is viable in remote locations to bring historic information to life by means of educational experiences whilst having an ecologically low impact on the surrounding wildlife and countryside.

This project pushes the boundaries of modern tourism through the use of the ZapWorks Studio and Designer SDKs, highlighting the multipurpose nature of Augmented Reality whilst bringing historical artifacts to life in the real world and solving a clear problem.

Initial Plan (03/02/2020) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (06/06/2020) [Zip Archive]

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