Procedural Voxel Planet Generation

George Kenny


Supervised by Frank C Langbein; Moderated by Natasha Edwards

In this project, I intend to create an efficient voxel rendering system using a level of detail system and culling. I also intend to implement one of the algorithms listed above to smooth the voxel terrain. Then I wish to create a voxel sphere and combine different levels of noise to give the sphere a terrain. Throughout the project, it will be important to try and maximise performance so it can be rendered in real-time after generation. The main issues I wish to address are: ●Performance (Maintaining a steady framerate using a level of detail system) ●Variability of planets (Different biomes, temperature, etc.)●Smooth transition from a low level of detail to a high level of detail ●Generation time ●Smooth voxel terrain ●Minimise distortion. I intend to produce a piece of software that can procedurally generate voxel planets which can be rendered in real-time in at least 30 fps.

Initial Plan (03/02/2020) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (15/05/2020) [Zip Archive]

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