Realtime Liquid Simulation for 3D Environments

Alex James


Supervised by Bailin Deng; Moderated by Neetesh Saxena

Many strategies exist for simulating bodies of particles of varying states in two dimensions, but modern hardware is yet to make such methods practical at a fine resolution in three dimensions. While hybrid grid-particle systems are available on the graphics industry's cutting edge, they are targeted at photorealistic fluid simulation for film visual effects rather than performative, interactive, real-time media. I plan to explore several avenues of such simulation, with an objective to make a simulation that can create geometry for any fluid of any state that can then be applied to an arbitrary art style. I will demonstrate the solution on an exemplary scene parallel to what might be found in the games industry to illustrate the performance and generalisation of the method. My initial investigation will specifically involve hardware accelerated rendering using marching cubes ("meta surfaces") running on modern consumer graphics hardware.

Initial Plan (08/02/2021) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (14/05/2021) [Zip Archive]

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