Olympic Diving Results Information System

Matthew Aish


Supervised by Jianhua Shao; Moderated by Dave Marshall

I am currently working for London 2012, testing and operating the results systems for Diving. A key component of this is the Olympic Data Feed- an XML feed generated by Omega results systems that is sent to in house systems, as well as external clients such as world news agencies. The feed is composed of many different types of messages used to communicate results throughout competition, documentation for which can be found here: http://odf.olympictech.org/tablecontent%20summer.htm Another key system that I test is CIS- commentator information system. At games time this will be used by commentators on venue and in the main broadcast centres as a visual aid detailing the results as competition progresses. This system is powered by reading the sequence of messages from the Olympic Data Feed which includes real time updates. As I have experience in testing and operating these systems, I would like to attempt to create my own CIS client for Diving, that will be fed by example sets of messages (since the feed itself will no longer be active after the games). In terms of access to the data stream, I already have many copies of example messages which throw up different scenarios, so would probably look to either read from file or create some sort of dummy feed using these files. I feel that this project would not only provide a suitable development challenge, but would also allow me to make a good use of the knowledge I have gained during work and to integrate it with my studies.

Initial Plan (19/10/2012) [Zip Archive]

Interim Report (14/12/2012) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (03/05/2013) [Zip Archive]

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