Information retrieval system for meeting minutes and papers gathered from automated web-scraping (Industry Project with Wales Audit Office)

Ivonna Prince


Supervised by Padraig Corcoran; Moderated by Steven Arthur

This project will be performed in collaboration with the Wales Audit Office. The following is the project description - Minutes and papers from committee meetings are a rich source of audit information. It takes us a long time to read and summarise key information. we think there is probably a better/quicker way of doing this than manual analysis. We would like to pilot an approach to automating the analysis/summary of public bodies' committee meetings/papers. This would save time, and help auditors focus on the outcomes from the analysis. This analysis would also be insightful to the committees themselves - insight into how they are spending their precious time.

The original suggested location for the project to be performed was at their office on Cathedral Road, Cardiff. However, given the current pandemic most work will now be done remotely. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) may need to be signed by the student completing the project.

Final Report (18/09/2020) [Zip Archive]

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