A thorough analysis of the misinformation surrounding vaccines on Twitter, and the political leanings of those promoting this misinformation

Nathan Evans


Supervised by Alun D Preece; Moderated by Dr Daniela Tsaneva

This project conducts a thorough analysis of misinformation surrounding vaccinations in an attempt to understand what misinformation is causing people to distrust vaccines. In addition, a unique algorithm to determine whether a user is left or right-wing will be applied to the data so as to analyse the differences in vaccination misinformation between these two groups.

This project uses a word correlation model to pin-point left and right-wing terms. Uses data science techniques, such as bigrams and trigrams, to identify specific vaccine misinformation that keeps coming up. Uses machine learning, such as topic modelling, to displays differences in the content between left and right-wing accounts.

Final Report (02/10/2020) [Zip Archive]

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