Practical guidance for managing pilot e-government projects through Agile practices

Nino Gorgiashvili


Supervised by Wendy K Ivins; Moderated by James Osborne

The successful implementation of e-government initiatives has gained utmost importance with the increased pressure on governments to deploy effective digital technologies to better respond to today’s unfamiliar and fast-evolving circumstances. Agile project management approach, which brings novel ways of transformation, seems to be the most capable to handle unknown challenges. Due to a myriad of bureaucratic hurdles, public sector institutions necessitate specific guidelines for successful adoption and use of Agile practices to deliver better government services. This study seeks to examine how public sector organisations can benefit from Agile methodologies and how they can apply these novel practices to introduce innovative e-government solutions. Consistently, the study produces a user-friendly handbook for leaders who have the responsibility and sufficient authority to lead the Agile adoption process in a public sector organisation and ensure successful execution of pilot e-government projects. This study uses user stories to develop a set of features of the proposed handbook from the perspective of potential readers. After that, relevant academic papers, books, series of articles and guidelines have been studied thoroughly to provide reliable responses to the research questions and meet the requirements defined by the user stories. The research findings suggest that even though Agile practices represent a radical alternative to structural-driven management, they play a vital role in the successful delivery of high-quality services. Apart from that, recommendations suggest establishing a smaller scale pilot program and adopt whole new ways of organising processes, structures, people and technology through experimenting and learning, which gives public sector institutions a solid foundation for sustainable organisational agility.

Final Report (18/09/2020) [Zip Archive]

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