Designing an Interactive Application to Support Caregiver's Feeding Practices of Young Children

Zuzanna Marika Kubicka


Supervised by Nervo Verdezoto Dias; Moderated by Alia I Abdelmoty

Prerequisites: -Basic knowledge of Human-Computer Interaction and user-centered and/or participatory design methods -Experience developing mobile and/or web applications in several platforms (e.g., Android, HTML5 & Javascript, etc.) -Desirable experience with Spanish (not mandatory)

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly prevalent to support self-care practices aiming to enhance people’s health and wellbeing. However, their potential to promote children’s healthy eating practices has been limited due to the existing challenges to enhance with parents and children.

The main objectives are: -Make a review of existing technology-based interventions targeting parents or any other caregivers to support children’s healthy eating practices and carry out a feature assessment and a ranking of these features -Propose, Design and Evaluate an Interactive Prototype (e.g., mobile, web, and/or game, etc.) that can support parents to engage in children’s healthy eating practices based on the results of the review

Final Report (02/10/2020) [Zip Archive]

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