Visual Reasoning in Space

Ali Baqheri


Supervised by Alia I Abdelmoty; Moderated by Chris B Jones

Reasoning in space is an active field of Artificial Intelligence with applications in robotics and map data manipulation. It involves simulating human understanding of how humans understand relationships between objects in space, for example, objects near or inside or north of each other and how this understanding can help us reason over space. For example, we know that Cardiff is in the UK, if we know that Cardiff is in Wales and Wales is in the UK, etc. In this project, you will use an already established method of reasoning and will develop a system to visualise the application of this method with different types of objects (points, lines and areas) and relationships (inside, overlap, near, far, north, south, etc).

The project will allow you to practice your system development/programming skills for visual interfaces and will give you some background in this area of AI.

Final Report (16/10/2020) [Zip Archive]

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