Real-time Music Programming with Extempore: MIDI Control

Thomas Baggaley


Supervised by Dave Marshall; Moderated by Kirill Sidorov

Extempore (http://extempore.moso.com.au) is an real-time programming language and environment for composers, sound artists, VJ's and graphic artists with an interest in live or interactive programming. Extempore is a member of the Lisp family of languages.

Time plays a major role in the Extempore environment allowing accurate real-time scheduling of events and code. Extempore is a dynamic environment designed for the creation and manipulation of running programs in live performance.

See the Extempore Web page (http://extempore.moso.com.au) to download the environment, quite a few examples and see plenty of demos of its potential.

I would be interested in supervising a project exploiting any aspect of Extempore's potential. Some ideas I have would be

* Real-time input to control Impromptu - live improvisation, looping, Midi control * Visualisation (graphics, video and audio) using Impromptu * Real-time audio sampling and control * Real-time audio effects * Many more possible.

Prerequisites: Good level of programming and algorithms. C/C++/OBJ C and Open GL for some aspects of Extempore interfacing.

Final Report (13/09/2020) [Zip Archive]

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