A tutoring website aimed at teenagers in Shanghai

Sicheng Zhou


Supervised by Dr Daniela Tsaneva; Moderated by Paul L Rosin

During the Covid-19 situation, many people, especially the college students have lost their job and they are forced to stay at home, but their debts are still not getting better. For these people, tutoring is a good way to relieve their burden. I will set up a website, put the information of teachers and students, match people nearby by address. Teachers can find students by themselves by checking the teaching requirements and can chat privately with students' parents. Meanwhile, Parents can also compare the information between different teachers and select their preferred ones. Once they start chatting, they can choose how they want to teach (online or offline), how much they want to pay, or how often they want to teach, and so on.

Final Report (30/09/2021) [Zip Archive]

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