Unpaid Carers-Informal Caregivers Burnout

Daoyu Liu


Supervised by Carolina Fuentes Toro; Moderated by Nathan Jones

Unpaid carers provide non-medical care to people who suffer long-term diseases or disabilities. This role is highly demanding, causing a multidimensional impact on the caregiver's life. Caregivers are mostly women, affecting strongly low-income populations. The caregiving effect is a major social public issue, affecting 6.8 million people in the UK. Due to the complexity of caregiving tasks, unpaid carers present high levels of financial and emotional stress, depressive symptoms, and poor physical health. Digital technologies bring the opportunity to support unpaid carers' wellbeing. This project will review a range of apps currently available for support caregiver's wellbeing and burnout. This review will inform the design and development of a new app aimed at helping unpaid carers to identify burnout levels at early stages.

Final Report (07/11/2021) [Zip Archive]

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