Online E-Commerce Platform that joins arts and cloths, using a business strategy for the portuguese market.

Suhail Afzal Ismail Giva


Supervised by Kathryn Jones; Moderated by Yuhua Li

Online platform, associated with computers and mobile devices, allowing query and acquire a single portal, data and products related to designers, stylists and artists.

The online platform has the purpose to create commitment and promotion of Portuguese culture and fashion, aiming as main objective, encourage the creation of new Portuguese brands, as well, to give visibility and growth to designers, stylists and artists .

The service provided by the Platform includes the exhibition / promotion of products directly on the platform and / or indication to an existing website / online store , as well as the history or concept behind each brand, respecting its individuality . It covers also a strong job of investigating and analysis of data search and purchase , providing the results brands for products to invest and innovate , so that is can be developed new products in the field of jewelery, ladies' and gentlemen's bags, clothing, footwear and headgear.

The online platform will be divided into the following topics:

· Portuguese designer clothes;

· Portuguese branded accessories;

· Second-hand sale of the aforementioned items in order to reduce waste and encourage reuse.

In the current scenario resulting from Covid-19, the Platform will also constitute an aid to the sale of products from physical stores, which are going through a complicated period of sales to the public.

In this way, it is intended to encourage the consumption of Portuguese brands, contributing to the increase of the national economy and to provide a branch of commerce in the virtual scope , stimulating e-commerce in our country .

The platform will contain some features related with feedback for each brand and product and a size matcher where the people can find the size that is most approximately to what they are looking for.

Suhail Giva MSc in Computing and IT management

Final Report (03/11/2021) [Zip Archive]

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