Student Learning System App——Mobile Application

Yuechao Wang


Supervised by Beryl Noe; Moderated by Louise Knight

1、Target & Background ● Background Due to Novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19), in order to protect the safety of students, schools in most countries around the world change from offline teaching to online teaching, but the current student learning system can only view course materials and course playback on the computer, it cannot be done through mobile phones or ipad. ● Target Realize that the student learning system on the mobile phone can watch the live broadcast of the course, Course playback, View course materials, School timetable, Personal information about the learners, Grades and school news or information. It enables students to have classes or study more conveniently and efficiently when it is not convenient to bring laptops or when there is no laptop around them. At that time, teachers can also mark exam results and arrange course time through mobile phones. When there is no computer around teachers, teachers' working efficiency can be improved and teachers' working time can be reduced. 2、User Profile ● Student ○ When students are not around dormitories, classrooms, or libraries without computers or are inconvenient to use computers, they can only attend classes by mobile phones or iPad. ○ When students go out without computers or are not convenient to use computers at any time and place, they want to view course materials and replay courses.

Final Report (06/01/2022) [Zip Archive]

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