[Industrial] Forensic Analysis of Watsapp/Kik/Sanpchat/Instagram/Facebook/Telegram on Android and iOS devices.

Aakash Kumar Gurung


Supervised by Shancang Li; Moderated by Laurence Semmens

This project focuses on looking for research to be conducted on common messaging apps such as: · Whatsapp · Kik · Snapchat · Instagram · Facebook Messenger · Telegram

Aims: · Provided an overview of the applications features and differences on both platformers. · Identify the best extraction types (Logical, File System & Full File System) and extraction software/hardware (UFED, XRY and Oxygen etc…) for extracting data out of the application · Identify how the messaging app handles media storage and read receipt for attribution purposes. Deliverable: A user guide for Digital Forensic Investigators, summarising the research and identifying key artefact.

Final Report (26/09/2022) [Zip Archive]

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