Racing Game

Nabeel Amir


Supervised by Frank C Langbein; Moderated by Yukun Lai

The project that I have decided to develop is a 2D, top-down racing game for Android devices. A player will race against other computer players from one side of a city to the other, in a car.

The computer player will require some form of artificial intelligence so they are able to move around and eventually finish the level, the intelligence of the computer players will vary to make the game more enjoyable.

Map could be pre-generated with buildings, pavements and grass. Cars will not be allowed to travel through buildings, but allowed to travel on pavements and grass. Could also auto generate maps using some form of procedural generation, or use a map provider such as Google Maps or OpenStreetMap to create a course based on real locations and also allow users to create their own.

Initial Plan (03/02/2014) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (06/05/2014) [Zip Archive]

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