Researching Socially Responsible Human-Robot Interactions for Use in Companionship with Older Adults

Juliette Radley


Supervised by Carolina Fuentes Toro; Moderated by Federico Liberatore

This MSc dissertation aims to research how to design socially responsible Human-Robot interactions for use in companionships with older adults. To comprehensively achieve this objective, interviews with older adults and their carers were conducted and user profiles, storyboards, design requirements, and a prototyped interaction were created.

The main research method used to acquire primary qualitative data was semi-structured interviews. These interviews were supplemented by further discussions with participants and a review of the literature for additional quantitative data. There were several notable findings from interviewing older adults and their carers. The three main concerns expressed by interviewees with respect to interacting with robots can be simplified to, a fear of loss of privacy, being patronised, and the robot causing physical harm. The main challenges in designing interactions are creating engaging companionship interactions but ensuring these interactions do not infantilise older adults.

Final Report (06/01/2023) [Zip Archive]

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