Designing an Interactive Application to Support People Along their Muscle Rehabilitation Journey

Morgan Causer


Supervised by Eirini S Anthi; Moderated by Carolina Fuentes Toro

Context: Recently, I was involved in a severe car accident requiring muscle rehabilitation on my back. Further, I found little resources which I could use to help support and educate me during this time. This stretches to my partner, who is currently on a muscle rehabilitation journey (after a fitness injury) for the last several months and has also found it overwhelming, confusing and tedious.

Problem: Fitness applications have saturated the app store since coronavirus increased the need for at-home workouts. However, there is a lack of engaging and educational support when it goes wrong. Muscle rehabilitation is a long, complex and challenging journey which is just as important as general fitness.

Issues to work on: - Help people along their muscle rehabilitation journey by: - Ensuring people are correctly performing exercises. - Help motivate and keep people accountable during the lengthy process. - Highlight the importance of correct muscle rehabilitation. - Many (similar) muscle rehabilitation resources include general stretching (yoga), female-targeted, and focus on general fitness goals rather than recovery specific or overwhelming and non-specific.

Solutions: - Make a review of existing technology - Enhance support during muscle rehabilitation. - Conduct user studies with people who require muscle rehabilitation to gather user requirements and evaluate the early designs of the application. - Propose, Design and Evaluate an Interactive Prototype (e.g., mobile, web, physical computing, or game, etc.) that can help support the muscle recovery journey. - Based on the review results, I would propose a specific scenario at the beginning of the project and move between user studies and low-fidelity prototyping to high-fidelity prototyping. - I intend to thoroughly design, implement, and test an interactive digital resource (potential idea: mobile application) which will help users along their journey.

Ethics: I will ensure I am up-to-date as I plan to create and release a survey and interviews to collect information from my target audience regarding the struggles they find during recovery.

Initial Plan (06/02/2023) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (15/05/2023) [Zip Archive]

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