Developing and application to aid users overcome their IT distractions and addictions and improve productivity

David Diaz Clifton


Supervised by Nervo Verdezoto Dias; Moderated by Yipeng Qin

For my Design thinking and prototyping for UX module, I aim to prototype an application for users that use technology in their work. I hope this app makes them aware of how their addictions affect them when working, and pushes them to plan out their tasks and stick with them.

There are a couple of existing technologies that help with users productivity such as Notion, notes and stickies and calendars to help set tasks within timeframes, and there are also apps that fully block apps on users phone such as Forest.

I aim to take good features from existing apps and avoid bad ones, I also want to do more research on papers and apps to extract ideas about different solutions to my problem and use them in mine. Some of these features include allocating timeframes and apps to receive notifications from having reminders when you go into non essential apps and being given statistics on usage at the end of a session in a personalised way. I ideally want to develop an application, if there are features that prove to be too difficult, I will prototype them or maybe simulate the data going in and out of the application.

I hope this will help them stay organised, focused, will benefit their productivity and will help their wellbeing as a result.

Initial Plan (06/02/2023) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (19/05/2023) [Zip Archive]

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