PECS Appliaction for Children with Autism

Joe Liu


Supervised by Fernando Loizides; Moderated by Stuart M Allen

This app will be used in the real world. You will have access to not only your supervisor but also to the client for weekly meetings.

Currently, therapists communicate with some children through pen, paper, and pictures that are printed and posted on a board. This communication is basic, like "I want to eat an apple".

We would like to create a digital version of this. We need a web app built that will include rich interaction like taking pictures of common items that a child can understand and that can be used to communicate sentences, like dragging them to a storyline to explain what they need.

The app will have to be Operating System Agnostic and therefore created as a web app. The current technology being used is an iPad bt it should also be used with an Android.

There will need to be sign-up and login available for different children.

A collaboration agreement might be required as this app will be used in the real world.

After a meeting, the client requests private and public network-wide bespoke items uploads, and edits of them by their respective creators. Private bespoke items are only see and used by the creators, and private and public bespoke items can only be editted/deleted by their creators.

Logon screen will have teacher/parents registrations, whom then can make students registrations.

Initial Plan (06/02/2023) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (16/05/2023) [Zip Archive]

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