Volleyball Statistics Tracking Application

Marcus Anderson


Supervised by Jing Wu; Moderated by Matthew J W Morgan

Every volleyball team should have a qualified coach to help them play however not all do. Some volleyball clubs this year lacks an experienced, qualified coach to help us succeed in the leagues we play in; this stat tracking app is made to allow teams to players to analyse their play and make decisions in real time even without a proper coach, allowing for better decisive plays and a clearer view of what areas of interest players may need to work on (e.g. Passing, Spiking, Setting).

My motivation for creating this app is that this year, there has been a shortage of volleyball coaches in the Cardiff area, therefore our university doesn't have an official coach and instead, we have to ask of the help of a student, however I would like there to be some sort of way of making statistics available to our team from an unbiased source without the need of taking up other students' time. I believe this app would solve just that; my app will allow volleyball teams to collect data in real time and help out in matches with even substitutions mid match. My project will track the stats of players on a team in live time using computer vision technologies (e.g. Yolo-v5, OpenCV) to detect the different players by either face recognition or by detecting the names or numbers on their shirts; the app will then capture events related to each person that it has recognised (e.g. passing, spiking, setting) and analyse the quality of the event algorithmically. The data will then be collected and stored in a database as well as locally in the app for immediate viewing.

Initial Plan (06/02/2023) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (19/05/2023) [Zip Archive]

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