Migration of Nightingale HQ’s website from Hugo to Umbraco CMS

Richard Jackson


Supervised by Martin J Chorley; Moderated by Kirill Sidorov

The company Nightingale HQ (NHQ) have asked for their company website (https://nightingalehq.ai/) to be migrated from its current tech stack of HUGO and Netlify CMS to a new tech stack, based around Umbraco CMS. The website migration aims to provide NHQ with the current functionality afforded by its current stack, alongside further potential for extensibility and development.

As HUGO is a JavaScript-based static site generator, its functionality is largely dedicated towards serving static content and pages for end uses. However, NHQ do not make use of any similar JavaScript-based technologies in their typical day-to-day operations, aside from occasional front-end development work.

Umbraco CMS is an ASP.NET Core app built on the .NET Framework, a framework upon which the majority of NHQ’s technology is already built. Moving the website to Umbraco CMS will not only enable the serving of content but also allows us to integrate more sophisticated development tooling, such as making and responding to API calls. There is also the added benefit that Umbraco CMS is written in the C# language, which is far more utilised than JavaScript within NHQ’s standard work.

The goal for the project will be to create a like-for-like replication of the current NHQ website, while still provisioning the site to be more extensible for future development work. This will include migrating the front-end design and contained data, though utilising a different administrative interface for the NHQ-based users to add content – the end-user should be largely unaware of the change.

Final Report (12/10/2023) [Zip Archive]

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