CardiffUniMap: An Interactive Map for Cardiff University Students

Caleb Rowlands


Supervised by Matthew Moloughney; Moderated by Federico Liberatore

This project aims to begin exploring the potential for supporting the university experience of Cardiff University students by developing a prototype for an innovative interactive map web application. The current landscape of information at the university is fragmented and spread across multiple platforms, creating challenges for new students in navigating both the campus and available resources. This fragmentation also poses barriers to students' engagement with the academic community. Existing mapping solutions are outdated and not in line with the needs of today's digital-native student body. My interactive map prototype aims to consolidate essential information and offer real-time updates on campus events as a step towards simplifying the student experience and removing barriers to academic community engagement. Designed with user-friendly features and the potential for gamification elements, this project serves as an initial effort to improve wayfinding, facilitate easier access to resources, and explore avenues for enhancing student satisfaction and a sense of belonging within the academic community.

Final Report (11/09/2023) [Zip Archive]

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