TrainingTribe: Enhancing Physical Activity and Well-being through a Clan-Based Fitness App

Samuel Hall


Supervised by Dr Soumya Barathi; Moderated by Kirill Sidorov

This study examines the influence of the TrainingTribe application, featuring the “Tribe War” functionality inspired by Clash of Clans, on intrinsic motivation and physical activity levels. Following the design and integration of this feature, along with other elements to complete the application, an experimental study was conducted to evaluate the impact of group competition and social comparison by using the application in the context of fitness. A within-subject study involving 8 participants utilised an Intrinsic Motivation Inventory and a Borg RPE Scale questionnaire for assessment. The results indicate that no statistically significant changes were observed in motivation and the rate of perceived exertion during the use of the application compared to a regular workout regimen. Nevertheless, noteworthy positive trends emerged within the confines of the small-scale experiment, suggesting a need for further comprehensive investigation.

Final Report (08/10/2023) [Zip Archive]

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