English Speaking Practice Application

Tianyu Hu


Supervised by Matthew Moloughney; Moderated by Omer F Rana

For non-native English speakers, there are a wealth of applications (free-to-use and paid for) which will help the user to read English, Write English and listen to English. It is more uncommon to find applications which allow the user to practice speaking the English language, from phrases they might suggest, or an existing corpus of phrases. Students at Cardiff University who might be non-native English speakers, may feel less confident when speaking or asking questions in English. There may be a space to develop a prototype application which might encourage non-native English speakers to practice speaking English in the same way that they may read/write/listen to English in existing applications so that they may feel more confident in-time speaking the English language and asking questions at in-person/synchronous teaching sessions. The Python programming language has several libraries it might make use of for translating text-to-speech and speech-to-text, it is envisaged that any student undertaking this project would make use of these to develop a prototype application.

Final Report (27/08/2023) [Zip Archive]

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