Connecting Cultures Through Food: A Recipe Sharing Platform for Cardiff University Students

Feiran Su


Supervised by Martin Caminada; Moderated by Richard Booth

Introduction: Cardiff University is home to over 7,530 international students from over 138 countries. These students may find it difficult to adapt to local food when studying abroad, resulting in a sense of isolation and disconnection from their home culture. To address this, it is proposed to create a recipe sharing platform that enables students to share and learn traditional dishes from their home country.

Problem Statement: The lack of access to home-cooked meals can lead to a sense of isolation and disconnection from one's culture for international students studying abroad. This can negatively impact their mental health and academic performance. Additionally, not everyone knows how to prepare traditional dishes, further contributing to this problem.

Proposed Solution: To address these challenges, it is proposed to create a recipe sharing platform for Cardiff University students. This platform will be developed using Python and Flask, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and will be a dynamic recipe sharing site. Users can upload, share, and search for recipes, as well as rate and comment on them. The platform will also feature a recipe book creation and saving option for future reference.

Expected Outcomes: It is hoped that this recipe sharing platform will provide a valuable service to the international student community and help them connect with their culture through food. And also anticipated that the platform will foster a sense of community and expose students to different cuisines, promoting diversity and cultural understanding.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the creation of a recipe sharing platform for students will provide a valuable service to the student body, promoting cultural understanding and inclusivity through food. By bridging the gap between students' cultural traditions and their new environments, it is hope to create a more welcoming and supportive community at the Cardiff University.

Final Report (09/10/2023) [Zip Archive]

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