A Visual Tool for Generating and Back-testing Algorithmic Strategies Under the Chinese Stock Market

Zizhou Liu


Supervised by Dr Daniela Tsaneva; Moderated by Federico Liberatore

The goal of This project is to design a tool that can help traders with zero programming knowledge to generate automated trading strategies. One of the functions of this tool is to assist with visual trading strategy reproduction, by providing a variety of technical indicators to selectively click on the way, and gradually guide individual traders in the tool flow chart box to build and reproduce their own trading logic flow chart. This way the tool will help individual traders to visualize their own trading logic, and to generate effective, feasible strategy code. At the same time, another function of this tool is to further transform the strategy logic into a working trading strategy code, when the individual trader uses the flowchart to reproduce their own trading logic. The tool will be based on the user's trading logic, and the corresponding trading strategy code, while the user can always return to the design of the interface to reconstruct that.

Final Report (09/10/2023) [Zip Archive]

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