Contextually Aware Travel Application.

Christopher T Davies


Supervised by Konstantinos Papangelis; Moderated by Michael Daley

I would like to develop a smart phone application for android which takes the phone's GPS information, and returns information about the area, such as the name of the area, history of the area, the currency used in the area, the language spoken, local activities, etc. The search for the local activities would also use time information, to give information about activities the user would most likely want to do at a given time. To give an example, if the user were stood in the middle of Cardiff at 9a.m., it would prioritise information about activities such as visiting the castle, whereas if the use were stood in the middle of Cardiff at around 7p.m., it would then prioritise information about the local bars and restaurants, as the the user would be more inclined at that point in time to experience the local nightlife. The application would also require access to the internet in order gather the information required about the area.

Initial Plan (02/02/2015) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (05/05/2015) [Zip Archive]

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