Forensic Case Management system Analysis

James W Owen


Supervised by Michael Daley; Moderated by Andrew C Jones

This project was proposed by Sarah Holmes developer of Foreman forensic case management system to Mr Mike Daley as a forensic case management research project.

Foreman is a new open source forensic case management system. In today's market there is a plethora of digital forensics software available for investigators, from small scripts that do a single task to full-featured toolkits that can aid an investigation from start to finish. However, there is a lack of simple forensics oriented case management software. Whilst there are enterprise products such as Intaforensic's Lima and Blackthorn's Casenote, there is nothing available that is free, simple and open source. This results in too many companies with forensic departments using generic ticketing systems such as those intended for helpdesks. Others rely on a mixture of spreadsheets, documents and emails to track cases. These solutions are inherently difficult to work with as they lack many features that are important to forensic case management. Often this leads to the various parts of a case being scattered over different systems, making it difficult to see everything related to a case in a simple, cohesive format. The intention of this project is to study a range of different digital forensic companies, departments and police forces on how they perform case management and determine how Foreman compares. On completion, this research will be forwarded to the owner of Foreman (Sarah Holmes), who will then use this research to update and make the necessary changes to the system.

Throughout the duration of this project I will be applying a large number of analysis techniques to identify and consider the most significant requirements that a case management system must possess. In order to discover these requirements this project will conduct a deep and thorough investigation into the processes involved in forensic case management by using Systems Thinking, Qualitative and Quantitative analysis techniques, usability evaluation techniques and if feasible the development of a simulation model or other supporting graphical aids to support my suggestion.

Initial Plan (02/02/2015) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (02/05/2015) [Zip Archive]

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