Web portal for fashion designers providing mainstream web services

Aisha A Al-Mulla


Supervised by Daniela Tsaneva; Moderated by Yukun Lai

The fashion industry has always been at the top and a vanguard of the others but it doesn???t seem to have a very wide web presence. Therefore, a web portal for fashion designers would be very useful for collaboration, crowd sourcing and sharing of ideas between the internationally renowned and not so famous local designers, tailors, models and all fashion followers. The aim of this project is to develop a web portal for fashion designers providing mainstream web services. The web services need to be designed for various user groups, such as fashion designers, tailors, models, photographers, perhaps even investors, celebrities and fashion followers. Therefore, the aim is to develop a fully functional web portal that is designed to work well on all screens and devices using advanced internet technologies.

The following steps will be required for the successful completion of the project: - Get acquainted with the existing web sites at the fashion industry and the services they provide - Identify what kind of web services would be necessary for the web portal you are designing (consider interviewing the different user groups and design questionnaires) - Establish the user requirements based on the interviews and the research of state-of-the-art - Design the web portal and the selected services as a prototype (you can use some of the existing portal frameworks, such as uPortal, GridShere, Drupal, etc.) - Evaluation of the web portal prototype (consider expert reviews and interviews with representatives of different user groups) - Recommendations for further development Ideal candidate: Somebody with good web programing skills, both backend and front-end plus user interface design skills, interested in web portal research and development of web applications. Project may lead to publication.

Initial Plan (02/02/2015) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (05/05/2015) [Zip Archive]

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