Property Notification System with Key Tracking Application

Phoophanom Tanprasit


Supervised by George Theodorakopoulos; Moderated by Omer F Rana

The aim of this project is to build an on-line platform to assist property specialists with their management tasks. The application will utilise display terminals to display relevant information such as notifications for on site problems, parcel collection alerts and fire alarm test schedules.

The system will be able to assist specialists by providing live updates that they are responsible for. For example the application will automatically notify a specialist if a property's master key had been taken and not returned within 24 hours. Additionally, the application will make a record of the individual and their reason to acquire the key.

Implementation wise, there will be two applications one Android application to display relevant site information; the other is a web app that one can access in order to manage various aspects of the system.

Initial Plan (30/01/2016) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (06/05/2016) [Zip Archive]

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