Implementing an information retrieval system

Aleksandar I Kochev


Supervised by Irena Spasic; Moderated by Wendy K Ivins

KneeTex is an open-source, stand-alone application for information extraction from narrative reports that describe an MRI scan of the knee. Given an MRI report as input, the system outputs the corresponding clinical findings in the form of JavaScript Object Notation objects. The extracted information is mapped onto TRAK, an ontology that formally models knowledge relevant for the rehabilitation of knee conditions. As a result, formally structured and coded information allows for complex searches to be conducted efficiently over the original MRI reports. The goal of this project is to build an information retrieval system that supports this functionality. The system should include: (1) a database that will store structured data produced by KneeTex and the TRAK ontology, and (2) a user-friendly search interface over such database.

Relevant links:

http://www.jbiomedsem.com/content/pdf/s13326-015-0033-1.pdf http://www.cs.cf.ac.uk/trak

Initial Plan (31/01/2016) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (06/05/2016) [Zip Archive]

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