Venues Assistant Staff Management System (VASP)

Karl E Latham


Supervised by Andrew C Jones; Moderated by Paul L Rosin

This project will utilise a database to allow the management of ???Venues??? staff at Cardiff University???s Student Union. The core part of the system is to allow Venues Assistant staff to book their own shifts online from a pool of shifts which are available, allow staff to clock in and clock out of a shift. Alongside this is the ability for management to make shifts available, and to generate payroll reports in order for staff to receive reimbursement for their time worked.

A meeting with members of the Venues Management team at the Students Union has provided a list of ???bells and whistle??? which would assist there day to day jobs, but are not essential to the core of the system. These include but aren???t limited to:

??? Allowing staff to swap shifts without management intervention (Within configurable guidelines)

??? Text, email, or Facebook alerts for news and when new shifts have been placed online to be booked.

??? Allow staff to clock in and out of shifts on their mobile phones when it is confirmed that they are within the Students Union building (Either using Geolocation, or a dynamic QR code)

The project would be web based at the request of the Students Union as they require to access the system from a wide range of locations and devices. It would utilise a MySQL database as part of the backend.

A mock-up of the website design as well as a basic entity relationship diagram are available on request.

Initial Plan (30/01/2016) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (06/05/2016) [Zip Archive]

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