Outreach Engagement activity

Shanay Shah


Supervised by Helen R Phillips; Moderated by Martin J Chorley

Note this is just an example, projects with arduino etc are also welcome, please come and discuss your ideas wth the supervisor.

The Raspberry Pi has caught the imagination of people from the age of 8 ??? 80. It provides as excellent opportunity for people to learn how to programme and to integrate hardware and software. In July I met with several Secondary school teachers to find out how Cardiff University could engage with schools and support the curriculum. One suggestion was an activity involving the Raspberry Pi where students get to programme a Robot or vehicle. Your challenge is to design and develop the activity. The activity must be suitable to run with 30 students, working in small groups. The activity should last between an hour and two hours and be suitable for years 8/9. The final project should allow the pupils to have a go at programming, be linked to the school national curriculum and have links to the research undertake here at Cardiff University.

Initial Plan (01/02/2016) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (06/05/2016) [Zip Archive]

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