Designing and creating a web application to streamline the character creation and maintenance process of Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars system

Ryan M Day


Supervised by Frank C Langbein; Moderated by Padraig Corcoran

As an avid role player and someone who has run many Fantasy Flight Star Wars games both online and locally, I can see how a player's first step in the game (creating their character) can be improved so that steps are not missed out.

My project will be to create a web application that players can use to create and maintain their character for the game. This application will allow the users create and view their character in the application where they will be able to maintain them. For games online where the players have access to their character on their computer, they will be able to make their rolls through the application so they don't have to work out what they roll. The users will also be able to share their characters with other people, such as the game master. If I believe that I have time, I will create a mobile version of the application as this would be useful for local games and editing on the move. The characters will be stored on a web server so that the players can access them whenever they have access to the internet. When the players use their characters, they will have to log into the web server. They can then make their rolls and use their character for games. This allows the games master to track their history through the web server and watch for any cheating. As most people have access to mobile devices, the application will be accessible by these and will adapt depending on the device used. With mobile functionality, the application can be used on the move and in games such as LARP-ing (Live Action role Playing).

Initial Plan (29/01/2016) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (05/05/2016) [Zip Archive]

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