Visualisation of music

Chitra Limbu


Supervised by Chris B Jones; Moderated by Padraig Corcoran

This project is motivated by the idea of creating a visualisation, initially in the form of a static image, that represents some essential characteristics of a piece of music. There are several types of information that could be visualized, relating for example to the overall structure of the music (the different subjects or themes, their development and their repetition), the key and the tempo of different parts of the music. The visualization could also reflect the results of various sorts of analysis of the score or audio relating perhaps to the mood of the music. It is likely that the project will use digital versions of the scores of pieces of music derived from the Sibelius package.

Initial Plan (31/01/2016) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (06/05/2016) [Zip Archive]

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