Warda Al Habsi


Supervised by Wendy K Ivins; Moderated by Alia I Abdelmoty

1. Project Description Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN) is a national research and education network (NREN) of the Sultanate of Oman. Currently, OMREN is a project managed by The Research Coucil of Oman (TRC). OMREN aims to provide high speed internet connectivity for research and educational organisations locally and internationally. A unified application platform will be provided to enable collaboration between the OMREN members and to share the implementation cost between all members. Moreover, OMREN considered as the national enabler for international collaboration with similar advanced networks (NRENs). Currently, OMREN team is at the final stage of selecting the telecommunication service provider to build the infrastructure. On top of that OMREN will build the application platform to provide various applications and services such as, virtual research application, virtual science library, student management system and online learning application. OMREN could be considered as an independent organisation similar to the existing NRENs such as Internet2 the United States NREN. OMREN as an organisation would require an effective strategic plan to manage its resources and develop the capabilities. This project aims to provide an enterprise architecture as part of the strategic plan for OMREN project.

2. Project Aim and Objectives ??? To develop a high level corporate Enterprise Architecture (EA) to support the strategic planning of the OMREN project. ??? To analyse and emphasize the application area as the main component of the EA ??? To measure the effectiveness of the developed EA through the gap analysis between the current situation and the EA recommended actions and decisions.

3. Ethics There are no ethical concerns with this project as the provided details about the OMREN project are general. Therefore, there is no ethical approval is required.

4. Work Plan Based on the initial research and study about the EA, road mapping and strategic planning, the project includes the following tasks to achieve the aims and objectives; 1. The first three weeks will be spent on the literature review and study the related work. This will be conducted after the second supervisor meeting and initial plan approval. 2. The OMREN critical business processes will be identified and proper EA framework will be selected during the fourth week. 3. The selected framework will be applied during the fifth week. 4. The relationship between the major components of the EA will be created in the sixth week. 5. The high level EA will be created along with the identification of the business processes, the implementation of the suitable framework and the creation of the relationships. 6. In week seven the analysis of the application key area of the EA will be provided. The virtual research application will be used as an example of the major applications provided by OMREN. 7. Gap analysis and recommendation will be provided in week eight. 8. The final three weeks will be used to finalise the report.

4.1 Gantt Chart

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