Give me the complete picture! Assessing trust in the World Wide Web

Owain J Carpanini


Supervised by Federico Cerutti; Moderated by David W Walker

The Web provides individuals and organizations with a rich and diverse source of information. However, an open and enduring problem resides in how to estimate "trust" in individual Websites and how to aggregate that "trust" across many websites. This project will provide an investigation in this direction by delivering the first ontology of trust over websites, and experimenting on different approaches for aggregating trust across many websites dealing with the same topic. This will therefore provide the foundation for investigations in specific case studies, such as aggregating results on allegedly controversial topics, such as the efficacy of vaccinations or the impact of humans on global warming.

Initial Plan (30/01/2017) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (05/05/2017) [Zip Archive]

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