WiFi Environment Mapping with Arduino

Tomas Basham


Supervised by Stuart M Allen; Moderated by Chris B Jones

For this project I wish to construct an autonomous robot controlled by an Arduino board with the ability to collect data required to be used to determine the location of people. The idea is to place this robot into an unknown environment, such as the COMSC corridors and have it collect WiFi data including signal strengths and MAC addresses from the access points within the corridors at various points. From this data I wish to be able to determine the exact location of a person within the same environment, having given them an application that uses the collected data to locate them.

The practicality of this project is to demonstrate how robots can be used to map out the environments that they are put in, and have this mapped out environment reused by other applications.

Initial Plan (16/10/2011) [Zip Archive]

Interim Report (16/12/2011) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (04/05/2012) [Zip Archive]

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