MyHealthOnline: Integrated Digital Patient-Centred Health and Care System

Amy Yeo


Supervised by Alia I Abdelmoty; Moderated by Irena Spasic

This project will investigate how digital technologies can provide ways of delivering improved and personalised health and social care to patients, whilst also improving their access to information. A recent report on digital health and social care strategy for Wales identified the need for patients, carers and healthcare professionals to be able to make use of accurate information, safely, wherever and whenever it is needed. The project will evaluate an existing online application called myhealthonline, that allows patients to book GP appointments online and order prescriptions, with respect to how well it satisfies the goals identified by in the strategy document above. The requirements for extending this application to better serve the patient needs will be identified and these will inform the design of an extended and improved application.

Initial Plan (05/02/2018) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (11/05/2018) [Zip Archive]

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