IoT device for home monitoring

Georgi Pramatarov


Supervised by Philipp Reinecke; Moderated by Jing Wu

The aim of this project is to create a modular smart IoT device for home monitoring using a Raspberry pi. The project will try to achieve this by using cheaper hardware, in order to make the device more affordable. Most cheap commercial IoT home monitoring devices tie the user with a contract and monthly payments for the duration of that contract. Some companies might even request their devices back after the end of the contract. In addition, most modular home monitoring devices provide the user with just a smartHub and the sensors must be purchased separately. This project will also be different from other Raspberry pi solutions, by adding biometric scanners for security, actuators for door locks and modular design for easy set up in different home enviroments. In addition, a smartphone application will be developed for controlling the functionalities of the device. The project will also include using the following sensors.

A) Camera for monitoring room activity while no one is home B) NFC reader, for enabling the home security alarm. This will be controlled trough a smartphone application and use biometric authentication(e.g fingerprint scanner). C) Actuators for opening door locks after user authentication D) Micro-Controllers for developing wireless smart sensors

The project will also provide an analysis of the application scenario, which includes analysis of vulnerabilities and the benefits and shortcomings of existing solutions. In addition, this project will provide a brief overview of the current situation of the IoT market and the popularity of IoT home monitoring devices.

Initial Plan (05/02/2018) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (11/05/2018) [Zip Archive]

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