Improving Research Grant Costing in the School of Computer Science and Informatics

Mark Clements


Supervised by Stuart M Allen; Moderated by Xianfang Sun

Whenever research funding is required a back-and-forth exchange between the Research Administrator, Principal Investigator and School Manager occurs before a finalised Cost and Pricing Form is ready to be sent as part of the application for funding. This step slows the funding process and is the target of this project, with the aim of removing the time-sink of multiple messages being communicated by implementing an Excel Tool to simplify the costing required for the CAP Form. The usage of the Tool will allow a single meeting to take place between the aforementioned staff, with costing modifications being modelled there-and-then until an agreement is reached.

Initial Plan (05/02/2018) [Zip Archive]

Final Report (07/05/2018) [Zip Archive]

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