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Projects from 2012

Adam P BeechamPhysics Lab - Teaching packageHelen PhillipsAlun D PreeceBSc
The physics lab - teaching package involves the design and implementation of a visual simulation of a number of scenarios that would typically be encountered in an a-level physics course. The emphasis of this project is on providing a way of visualising the actions of forces on objects and how these actions are reflected by the underlying equations. The package would be used as a teaching aid by an instructor to demonstrate the application of these equations, which would otherwise be difficult o...[more]
Adam Whitter-JonesBase Station Selection in Mobile NetworksStephen HurleyP L RosinBSc
The aim of this project is to create an application to assist with the selection of Base Station Transceivers (BSTs) in a mobile network. The algorithm should attempt to vary the site cost and coverage to provide the highest Network Performance Measure (NPM) possible. The application has been written in VB.NET.[more]
Bechan A Carpenter2nd Year Group Project Management toolHelen PhillipsDave MarshallBSc
There are a significant number of software development project management tools available to assist businesses and other organisations but how easy are they to use? Are they flexible to use with a variety of development methodologies and process models? This project will require you to research and evaluate the software tools available within COMSC come up with recommendations for (IS) a suitable package that could be used within COMSC to assist students project manage their second year group ...[more]
Charlotte SwinnertonSimply Wales Information SystemWendy K IvinsRichard J WhiteBSc
Simply Wales, formally known as Simply Solutions, is a small Cardiff-based enterprise that specialises in IT and Telecoms, who aim to provide the best and most efficient, cost effective, up to date solutions for your enterprise.( As the previous partner opted to take another career path, Peter Morgan, the company director, manages the company single-handed with the occasional help from students. Upon taking a short work placement in this organisation, it...[more]
George - A Collaborative Note-Taking WebsiteAlia I AbdelmotyNick J AvisBSc
Website to enable creation and navigation of collaborative documents disseminating shared events, such as lectures and conferences, where multiple attendees might benefit from a shared knowledge base cementing and propounding upon the content of a given presentation. It will focus on being an aid to undergraduate study, but should be adaptable to other use cases such as conferences/summits and more generic, structured knowledge propagation. Key to this will be providing a platform to associate t...[more]
Matthew ConnopImplementation of a test tool for privacy protection algorithmsJianhua ShaoStephen HurleyBSc
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Michael L James"Twitter-style" App for Group CommunicationAlun D PreeceNick J AvisBSc
The aim of this project is to allow communication to groups of individuals that share something in common, in an anonymous fashion. Communication can be taken place locally or nationwide. The objective is to design a central system that will transmit incoming messages through a Twitter-Style switchboard distributing their messages to the recipients hiding their identity from their recipients. Recipients will then be able to respond if they so wish. Such a system will encourage communication betw...[more]
Niall AdamsonFactors affecting COMSC performance in the National Student Survey & the National League TablesStephen B McintoshAlun D PreeceBSc
The School of Computer Science and Informatics is under pressure to improve its ratings as reported under the National Student Survey, and the ranking it receives from national league tables. It is also trying to increase the number of students, especially those from overseas, it attracts, because of the impact of student numbers on the School\'s income.\\However, there is no common agreement on the factors affecting decisions and policy in these areas. \\This project will therefore aim to devel...[more]
Owain M DaviesSoft ShadowingRalph MartinKirill SidorovBSc
An implementation and comparisons of two real-time soft-shadowing techniques, namely Percentage Closer Soft Shadows and Backprojection Soft Shadows in C++.[more]
Rhys CarpenterDetermining the Scope for Future Automation of Banking ProcessesStephen B McintoshIrena SpasicBSc
The majority of banks in today???s market have suffered in recent years from declining consumer confidence and negative attention brought about by the latest economic crisis. Through research of this problem and the selection of a suitable systemic approach, this project aims to identify the scope of, and determine the viability for, automation of a number of existing banking processes and make appropriate recommendations based on this. Since no two banks will be identical, a ???generic bank??? ...[more]
Stephen McQueen2D, Multiplatform Space Invaders Game Using Microsoft XNA Game StudioFrank C LangbeinRalph MartinBSc
Aims and Objectives The aim of this project is to implement the world renowned arcade game \Space Invaders\. The objective is to create a fully functional 2D Version of the game for single player use. Description I intend to implement 2 Dimensional version that will cover the main aspects of the game. I will create my own custom graphics and animations required for the gameplay. As per the software constraints of the software package this game will be written in C#. Resource Requirements I...[more]
Tomas BashamWiFi Environment Mapping with ArduinoStuart M AllenChris B JonesBSc
For this project I wish to construct an autonomous robot controlled by an Arduino board with the ability to collect data required to be used to determine the location of people. The idea is to place this robot into an unknown environment, such as the COMSC corridors and have it collect WiFi data including signal strengths and MAC addresses from the access points within the corridors at various points. From this data I wish to be able to determine the exact location of a person within the same en...[more]
Tom J HancocksMapping a Physical EnvironmentFrank C LangbeinDave MarshallBSc
Project Aims & Objectives Research and find ways of exploring a physical environment whilst building up a digital mapping of the environment - this will involve the use of a robot built with either an Arduino Kit or Lego Mindstorms. Using the mapping built, determine the shortest path between two points - one point being the robots current location. Research different shortest path algorithms to find the most effective for the task. What kind of trade offs and compromises need to be ma...[more]
Tomos J Lawrence2nd Year Group Project Management toolHelen PhillipsNick J AvisBSc