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Projects from 2013

Adam BoultonMultiplayer Strategy GameSteven SchockaertYukun LaiBSc
My plan for this project would be to implement a 2-player turn-based strategy game, playable against either a computer controlled opponent or another human player. The game would involve each participant controlling a small number of units/characters (no more than 10) and taking in turns to move their units around a 2 Dimensional arena (viewed from above) in order to defeat the other player's units. This project would be implemented using Java. Both AI implementation and graphics would be maj...[more]
Adam Raine3D Face Shape AnalysisDave MarshallXianfang SunBSc
This project builds on recent research to build video realistic statistical models from training data (i.e. video, both 2D and 3D). These models (termed active appearance models, or AAMs) can be controlled by varying their parameters, and allow new images/videos covering the range of likely appearance to be synthesised. In addition, the models can be used for analysis of new video, in which the model is fitted to the video frames in order to estimate the model parameters. Such models have been u...[more]
Alex J ThomsonAcquiring structured knowledge from FlickrSteven SchockaertAlun D PreeceBSc
Association rule mining is a popular technique to identify correlations in large amounts of data. A well-known example is market basket analysis, which identifies rules such as "people who buy bread and eggs usually also buy milk" from the buying behaviour of customers. This kind of knowledge can subsequently be used to decide how to organise a shop, or which products to reduce in price, among others. Flickr is an online website for sharing photos, where people can add short textual description...[more]
Alistair N SteeleConceptTop - Concept Map Based DesktopFrank C LangbeinXianfang SunBSc
A concept map is essentially a graph where directed edges indicate the relations between the nodes (sometimes also a hyper-graph having edges with more than two nodes). The idea of this project is to use concept maps to build an advanced desktop environment (beyond just fancy features). A node in the concept map corresponds to a file and files can be grouped via a single hyper-edge into belonging to a sub-set of the graph as a generalisation of directories. In this scheme a file can belong to mo...[more]
Andrew J TaylorSolving N-Puzzle ProblemsYukun LaiP L RosinMSc
The n-puzzle is known in various versions, including the 8 puzzle, the 15 puzzle, and with various names (Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, Mystic Square and many others). It is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing. If the size is 3*3, the puzzle is called the 8-puzzle or 9-puzzle, and if 4*4, the puzzle is called the 15-puzzle or 16-puzzle. The object of the puzzle is to place the tiles in order (see diagram) by making ...[more]
Brett StevensAndroid Gym Application Utilizing Near Field Communications (NFC)Kirill SidorovChristine L MumfordBSc
For the final year project I will be designing an android phone application to aid a gym users experience while recording their gym activity in a diary. This will be done through the use of Near Field Communications(NFC)found in many of the latest android phones.This will be achieved through the use of NFC tags. I intend to create an android gym application where a gym user can use gym equipment and simply swipe their phone on the NFC tag to log the equipment used to their gym diary on their ph...[more]
Charlotte C DohertyBuilding a taxonomy of learning outcomes from module descriptionsIrena SpasicHelen PhillipsBSc
You will choose a course from and collect all module descriptions in the PDF format from the School's website. You will create an ER model of the information available and create a corresponding database in SQLite, which you will semi-automatically populate with the information available in the PDF documents. You will then analyse the learning outcomes and use them to build a taxonomy. You will then analyse the learning outcomes for potential overlap. You ...[more]
Charlotte E LippiettDistrict Nurse call scheduling problemHelen PhillipsYukun LaiBSc
A team of district nurses allocate their calls randomly and then they have to individually organise their call list for the day. This is time consuming task for the staff as this needs to be done the day before as many calls require a certain level of staff to attend the call. Therefore many calls need to be swapped with other members of staff ahead of time in order for all calls to be covered. This project aims to implement a system that can distribute calls amongst staff based on their living ...[more]
Daniel J WorkmanA mobile parts tracking system using iOS devices.Andrew JonesXianfang SunBSc
A warehouse currently uses a parts tracking system whereby engineers log parts in and out of the warehouse using a number of terminals around the building. This current system is inefficient as the engineer must move from the specific part to a terminal to log the required information. A solution is wanted whereby each engineer is provided with an iOS device (at present an iPhone) which can log this information whilst the engineer is dealing with the part(s) rather than leaving the area to acces...[more]
David D LoweSubscription emailFrank C LangbeinRalph MartinBSc
Project aims and objectives: To explore subscription-only Internet messaging protocols like IM2000, to design a new protocol and to implement a proof-of-concept prototype of a server and mail user agent. Description: Email in its current implementations suffers from many shortcomings. Its two most glaring problems are its inherit insecurity and the huge volume of spam. Many solutions have been proposed to tackle these problems, but all of them fall short. The risk of false positives in spam fi...[more]
David L WilliamsAn Android based Social Photography Game/ApplicationStuart M AllenDave MarshallMSc
In a generation of social media and the continuing popularity trends towards mobile based games and social applications such as Instagram, Draw Something, 4 picture 1 word etc. I wanted to create a mobile application which incorporates elements of each of these applications. The Basic Concept: The application will present the user with randomised words for objects, sceneries or adjectives (similar to draw something). The user will then have the challenge of taking an adequate photo to represen...[more]
David ManwaringOnline Booking System for After-School ChildcareDavid W WalkerSteven SchockaertBSc
The aim is to design and implement an online system that parents can use to book their children into after-school childcare. The childcare administrators must also be able to use the system to list the children booked in for a particular session and access contact information for parents. You will need to be good at Web programming (PHP and MySQL). [more]
Elin C MorganThe Impact of Potential Changes to the ICT Curriculum in British SchoolsWendy K IvinsAlia I AbdelmotyBSc
Proposals are being discussed which may lead to a redefinition of the ICT syllabus for schools. It is clear the curriculum currently in place is inadequate leaving students uninterested and lacking skills future employers are seeking. More time, money and training is needed to ensure students have the ability to succeed during a time of such extensive technological change. This project is concerned with an assessment of what changes could be made in order to improve ICT in schools and the impa...[more]
Ioan M JonesA 'Crowd-Curated' Mobile Web Application for Short FilmAlun D PreeceXianfang SunMSc
A content-oriented mobile Web application capable of allowing users to curate short films from social media websites such as YouTube and then share it with other users. Users are able to be kept updated of new content and activities of others through the use of a news feed.[more]
Jake S MiddletonOnline ScrapbookIrena SpasicXianfang SunBSc
My proposal is to build a traveller's journal application on top of Google Maps API, which will allow a user to organise their photo collections stored on external websites such as Flickr, Facebook, Pinterest or alike. They will be organised in two-dimensional space by physical locations and time points. Physical locations will be visualised using the Google Maps API, while the temporal component will resemble Facebook's timeline, which will allow different physical locations to be shown at diff...[more]
James BriggsConfigurable User Interfaces with XMLFrank C LangbeinXianfang SunBSc
The aim of this project is to create a fully functioning user interface language using XML to specify user interfaces for programs in a wide range of environments. This is similar to the existing XUL system, but should be based on creating the structural elements of a user-interface in an HTML-like fashion where the particular layout is prescribed by a CSS-like system. So one part of the interface should define the elements and the other part their layout (not quite style, so not overriding the ...[more]
James M MacKenzieInvestigation into the policing tactics of the riots in 2011Roger M WhitakerPeter BurnapBSc
This project is to develop a requirements model for Cardiff Univeristy coffee shops. Built for the students and staff. This model can be used to drive and inform change within the Catering and Bars department so that they provide better service in their coffee shops. To do this, a number of election techniques have been defined and developed.[more]
Jamie HallWeb Protocol: A modern replacement for HTTPOmer F RanaRalph MartinBSc
Initially developed in 1991, HTTP was designed to be highly extensible and to be used by command-line interfaces (CLI). In the following two decades, use of the web has exploded and the way it's used has changed dramatically. Instead of writing requests by hand or by script, content is navigated by complex, feature-rich web browsers. Rather than single pages with the occasional image, modern web pages are incredibly intricate, containing images, videos, stylesheets, scripts, icons, and external ...[more]
Joseph J StarlingMotion Capture to MIDIDave MarshallYukun LaiBSc
The School of computer science has a couple of motion capture systems available to capture full or part human body motion and also datagloves to capture hand and finger motion. The basic idea of this project is the capture human body gestures and convert this into "musical" information, via MIDI, to control various synthesisers to make interesting sounds. We have a variety of hardware and software based musical sound sources available. One possible application would be to develop a virtual...[more]
Joshua HarmanAddressing The Loopholes: How The Recent Legislation Change Will Effect The Sports Nutrition IndustryPeter BurnapJianhua ShaoBSc
The following project is an analytical project aimed at deducing how sports nutrition manufacturers can successfully launch a product developed focusing on quality, innovation and effectivity into the sports nutrition industry. Through the inclusion of Soft Systems Methodology, Market Research and System Dynamics I will develop a model to deduce the optimal product to launch into the industry to achieve successful revenue levels, while keeping a major focus on the quality of the product itself. ...[more]
Liam TurnerAutonomic approach to information discovery in crowd sourced data.Stuart M AllenJianhua ShaoBSc
The project would aim to resolve the problem of finding specific information in aggregated social network content such as thousands of tweets whereby the majority may show duplicate/redundant or irrelevant information. Finding this information quickly requires both time and effort depending on the individual case. Currently, an individual would either have to sort through the content in linear time until they found the information they wish (if it even exists) or wait until unique information is...[more]
Louise KnightAn implementation of an interactive annotation game on FacebookIrena SpasicP L RosinBSc
The ESP game is an idea in Computer Science for addressing the problem of creating difficult metadata, which makes use of the computational power of humans to perform a task that computers cannot yet do (originally, image recognition) by packaging the task as a game. It was originally conceived by Luis von Ahn of Carnegie Mellon University. Here is an example of the game which supports image tagging: You will develop a game with similar functionali...[more]
Lowri WilliamsAnalysing the relationships between user tags and their demongraphic informationIrena SpasicStuart M AllenBSc
Collecting data from a simple web based image tagging system, this project will analyse user tags with the correlation of their demographic information such as their gender, nationality, culture, age etc. resulting in a study of relationships between users of different demographics and the way they tag.[more]
Lucy RyanUnderstanding the Structure of Social Networks from our Mobile Phone ContactsRoger M WhitakerNick J AvisBSc
Matthew AishOlympic Diving Results Information SystemJianhua ShaoDave MarshallBSc
I am currently working for London 2012, testing and operating the results systems for Diving. A key component of this is the Olympic Data Feed- an XML feed generated by Omega results systems that is sent to in house systems, as well as external clients such as world news agencies. The feed is composed of many different types of messages used to communicate results throughout competition, documentation for which can be found here: Another key...[more]
Matthew R JonesSocial Media Visualization tools and techniquesNick J AvisKirill SidorovBSc
We are collaborating with the School of Social Sciences to create a toolkit of techniques to harvest, analyse and visualize social media data such as content posted on Facebook and twitter. The project will involve conducting a survey of the available visualization tools presently available and analysis of their capabilities and the types of data they are applicable to. More able students will investigate some of these techniques further and develop software to allow these to be harnessed ...[more]
Meagan E VaughanAssessing the Effectiveness of the Mobile Platform for Market ResearchWendy K IvinsAndrew JonesBSc
I propose to design and develop a mobile application which aids businesses in market research. Having thought about ways of improvement of market research and further development of the mobile application features I felt it would be interesting to research the effectiveness of this idea. By using the emerging technology of mobile applications and existing research techniques such as questionnaires, we would be following the development of technology by moving from websites to applications. Thi...[more]
Michael J GrahamConcurrent Thread-based Web CrawlerDavid W WalkerP L RosinBSc
In this project you will develop a multi-threaded Java program for crawling the Web that. Each web page encountered will be processed in some way that is dependent on its content. The software will offer options for constraining the search; for example, to just one web site. To do this project you must be familiar with Java and programming with threads.[more]
Mustafa AzadenApps For Public Services [multiple projects]Alun D PreeceXianfang SunBSc
Public services and charities are struggling with budget cuts or freezes across all sectors, making it harder for them to meet people's needs. At the same time, technology is making it easier for people to access information, data, and services through mobile devices, wherever and whenever they need it. This topic will focus on the creation of a mobile device app for some aspect of the public or charity services. The choice of platform is open (for example, iPhone, Android, or cross-platform HTM...[more]
Nathan P HornerThe impact of social media has made in the Arab SpringsHelen PhillipsPeter BurnapBSc
A number of people in the middle east have disputed their governments competency. As a result this has led to widespread carnage and rioting in an attempt to overthrow various dictatorships and evoke freedom. It is still unclear how such movements amassed such a following in the short space of time. I intend to identify the full extent that social media played in the the overthrowing of various governments such as Syria and Egypt. I intend to use systemic approach along with SSM modelling to g...[more]
Oliver JarrettiPad app for primary schoolStuart M AllenNick J AvisBSc
The aim of this project is to develop an iPad app for a local primary school that can track the award of "house points" to the children. The app is intended to improve the current paper based scheme, by becoming more interactive with game based features. Other novel suggestions, such as using physical interaction, e.g. via RFID tokens, is encouraged. You will need to interact with the school (based in Penarth) to develop requirements and ensure it meets their needs. [more]
Peng Shuang WangReal-Time Sales Tracking System for a New Way of Doing BusinessCoral Yan-huang WalkerAlia I AbdelmotyMSc
The paper seeks to use I.T. to develop a web based sales tracking system for users in a Consumer Direct Marketing (CDM) business. Managing the sales revenue stream is vital for all businesses and this paper seeks to establish work in this new business model which provides a more equitable relationship between manufacturers and its customers. The final product is developed using Apache as the web server, PHP as the network programming language, and MySQL as the database. AJAX, JSON, along with jQ...[more]
Rhys J O'SullivanAssessment of the aspect-oriented programming paradigmAndrew JonesMatthew WilliamsMSc
The aim of aspect-oriented programming is to overcome the problem that in conventional programming it is often difficult to avoid a design decision having impact on many different parts of the program code of a system, even if an object-oriented approach is taken. In this project you will investigate aspect-oriented programming and design an application whose implementation is intended to help you compare the aspect-oriented and traditional object-oriented approaches. You will implement this ap...[more]
Ricardo L ColasantiA naive Bayesian classier of bacterial Gram stain phenotypes from enzyme functional rolesCoral Yan-huang WalkerP L RosinMSc
Please edit.[more]
Ruth K RyanSystem to assist in the allocating of Postgraduate teaching resourcesHelen PhillipsThomas William CarnduffMSc
COMSC uses PhD students to cover Labs and tutorials. Currently PhD students are allocated to various labs and tutorials at the start of the semester using an excel spreadsheet. There limits to the number of hours they can work and this needs to be balance against the requests of staff. This is only an initial description, I am happy to discuss further in person. For PhD students to be allowed to teach forms and paperwork need checking and training undertaken.[more]
Samuel GibbonChess Analysis EngineChristine L MumfordKirill SidorovBSc
This project will focus on developing an application to analyse a chess position in order to determine the best possible continuation for each player. By extension, the user will be able to play games against the computer. Much of the work involved in this project concerns the development of efficient algorithms - a naive brute force search of the tree of all possible chess positions generally runs in exponential time, quickly becoming unusable. The way in which this search tree is pruned is a ...[more]
Samuel R C BoyesTo What Extent can Social Networking Sites enhance the Student Education Experience?Roger M WhitakerAlia I AbdelmotyBSc
This project aims to analyse the student education experience based on the use of conventional teaching methods, unconventional teaching methods, typical learning procedures and the effect of external factors in some cases. The process will include an evaluation of current methods for learning provisions such as lectures, tutorials and learning central usage; against the use of social networking sites providing forums, group chats and direct messaging. Furthermore, the concept is based on discov...[more]
Steffan R WaltersKaoss Pad Type IPad Application for Real-time Audio and Midi ControlDave MarshallKirill SidorovBSc
The Korg KAOSS pad ( is an audio and MIDI controller with a unique touch based control pad. To date there has been no iPad emulation of this device although a some aspects may be found in the recent Korg Ims-20 app ( This project would seek to emulate some KAOSS pad features (or similar devices - see below) to any real-time audio effect control and MIDI control on an iPAD. Other related iPad apps include: * Lemu...[more]
Steven OakleySocial Media Visualization tools and techniquesNick J AvisXianfang SunBSc
We are collaborating with the School of Social Sciences to create a toolkit of techniques to harvest, analyse and visualize social media data such as content posted on Facebook and twitter. The project will involve conducting a survey of the available visualization tools presently available and analysis of their capabilities and the types of data they are applicable to. More able students will investigate some of these techniques further and develop software to allow these to be harnessed ...[more]
Thomas W HartleyVideo Realistic Facial Modelling and SynthesisDave MarshallKirill SidorovBSc
This project builds on recent research to build video realistic statistical models from training data (i.e. video, both 2D and 3D). These models (termed active appearance models, or AAMs) can be controlled by varying their parameters, and allow new images/videos covering the range of likely appearance to be synthesised. In addition, the models can be used for analysis of new video, in which the model is fitted to the video frames in order to estimate the model parameters. Such models have been u...[more]
William PittRubix cube solverP L RosinChristine L MumfordBSc
A mechanical device that uses Lego Mindstorms and a smart phone to take images of a Rubix cube and then solves the Rubix cube. The phone would be used for taking photos of the cube and the main load of the algorithm and solve the problem and then send a message to the Lego Mindstorms device to solve the cube[more]
Yoana UstrianiStudent Staff Reps - administration SystemHelen PhillipsChristine L MumfordMSc
Each School within the University has a Student Staff Panel. Here in COMSC student reps attend several different types of meetings the Formal Student staff panel SSP, Meetings with year tutors etc. With all these different meetings taking place are we managing to keep everyone informed or is effort being duplicated? Can the information systems mechanisms used to schedule, track comments, elect reps, develop agenda and minutes appropriate?[more]