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Projects from 2015

Adam ProbertInvestigation into the application of Beacon technology in the entertainment industry.Stuart M AllenAlia I AbdelmotyBSc
Beacons (or iBeacons as Apple have branded them) are an upcoming and exciting new technology with promising application in the retail sectors. I want to look into the opportunities for beacon technology in an entertainment industry context; with particular emphasis on event arenas, festivals and theme parks where vast amounts of smart phone users are present. Some examples of functionality I wish to explore are: - Interactive maps with friend locations - Location based advertising - Efficient...[more]
Aisha A Al-MullaWeb portal for fashion designers providing mainstream web servicesDaniela TsanevaYukun LaiBSc
The fashion industry has always been at the top and a vanguard of the others but it doesn???t seem to have a very wide web presence. Therefore, a web portal for fashion designers would be very useful for collaboration, crowd sourcing and sharing of ideas between the internationally renowned and not so famous local designers, tailors, models and all fashion followers. The aim of this project is to develop a web portal for fashion designers providing mainstream web services. The web services need...[more]
Alec MandersSample based Guitar (and other musical instrument) TranscriptionDave MarshallDaniela TsanevaBSc
Many advanced sample libraries now exist that encamps a wide range of guitar types and playing styles. Other similarly exist for other musical instruments. The basic idea here is use a large range of sample libraries to machine learn playing style and instrument type. Have learnt to identify such styles/type the information can be applied to input audio of an instrument to transcribe the varying articulations/styles/type being played.[more]
Allan LainchburyObject Recognition on Mobile DevicesDave MarshallKirill SidorovBSc
From an abstract level, the application is used to help find everyday items that you commonly loose (such as house keys etc.) by using the camera on a phone. How this works will be the system allows you to virtually 'tag' an item through your camera. The camera then recognises the object by shape, colour etc. and can distinguish it in a room full of other objects so long as it is somewhat visible to the camera itself. The application will then recognise and highlight the tagged object. Multiple ...[more]
Benjamin G LourenceImplementation of a data privacy protection tool for relational dataJianhua ShaoDaniela TsanevaBSc
s an increased amount of data being gathered and stored, how to protect the private information contained within such data sets becomes an important issue. One of the recent approach to addressing this issue is called k-anonymisation, which attempts to make any record in a data set identical to at least k-1 other records (hence no individual could be identified). This project aims to implement a software tool based one of the exisiting k-anonymisation algorithms, to help anonymize relational dat...[more]
Billy HickmanMobile Application - Colloquial Name Location ConverterChris B JonesMichael DaleyBSc
An idea to convert colloquial names into geographical locations by searching data available on Twitter and other social media API???s. The platform would be an Android application, allowing users to perform this conversion ???on-the-fly???. The data would be provided through a web service, but may also queue requests in order to gather enough data. Locations would either be gathered from the provided geo-coordinates or in the scenario in which these are not available profile locations could be u...[more]
Bradley ThyerPerformance Analysis PortalDaniela TsanevaDave MarshallBSc
A project to implement a web application for athletes to view coded video footage and associated statistics in order to analyse individual player and team performance. As a current player at the Cardiff Blues rugby team, we currently use a desktop system in order to analyse individual and team performance. Using this system we are restricted to only performing analysis during ???office??? hours and do not have access to the video footage or stat reports at home. The project involves creating ...[more]
Christopher T DaviesContextually Aware Travel Application.Konstantinos PapangelisMichael DaleyBSc
I would like to develop a smart phone application for android which takes the phone's GPS information, and returns information about the area, such as the name of the area, history of the area, the currency used in the area, the language spoken, local activities, etc. The search for the local activities would also use time information, to give information about activities the user would most likely want to do at a given time. To give an example, if the user were stood in the middle of Cardiff at...[more]
Corey WhiteMedical image processing - lesionsPaul L RosinAlia I AbdelmotyBSc
This project will use a large database of images of skin lesions and attempt to perform automatic recognition of melanomas (cancer). The first step will be to segment the lesions, i.e. locate the region of interest in the image. This will be done by using rules to combine several techniques. Next, the regions are described by their shape , colour and texture to identify whether the lesion is malignant or not. The project will be based on techniques from the following paper: H. Ganster, A. Pinz...[more]
Daniel J RandellSecure mobile chat with message routingGeorge TheodorakopoulosMichael DaleyBSc
The aim of this project will be to create a secure, decentralised chat system that will not make use of cellular networks nor the internet. The application will be coded in Java for the Android operating system and will allow the use of 1-1 & group secure text chat, alongside secure picture messaging. It will make use of networking policies so that targeted recipients out of range when a text/picture message is sent for them will still receive that message when they return in range.[more]
Emma HaggartA requirements analysis with feasibility study for a design of a pervasive fitness centre designed specifically for its membersMatthew J W MorganPeter BurnapBSc
This project would focus on the opportunities for Gym and Leisure centers to focus on its members. I would aim to design and create a requirements analysis for an environment where the connectivity of devices is embedded in such a way that the connectivity is unobtrusive and always available. The project would provide interviews, surveys and various details from local Gyms and its members indicating what they feel is missing from their experience in the leisure centre and try to design and impr...[more]
Hani ChaabanNews Reader with Kill FileRalph MartinKonstantinos PapangelisBSc
The aim of this project is to write an RSS news feed reader program, with a "kill file". You should synchronise to the user's Google account to keep track of subscriptions, and articles read and not read. The idea of the kill file is that the user should be able to mark certain topics as not of interest, so they are not shown in the list of unread articles. For example, I might subscribe to a "latest phones" RSS news feed, but do not want to see anything about iPhones, so I should be able to pu...[more]
James W OwenForensic Case Management system AnalysisMichael DaleyAndrew C JonesBSc
This project was proposed by Sarah Holmes developer of Foreman forensic case management system to Mr Mike Daley as a forensic case management research project. Foreman is a new open source forensic case management system. In today's market there is a plethora of digital forensics software available for investigators, from small scripts that do a single task to full-featured toolkits that can aid an investigation from start to finish. However, there is a lack of simple forensics oriented case ...[more]
Jamie O MorrisTraining and Recruitment Assessment System for South Wales PoliceIrena SpasicAndrew C JonesBSc
South Wales Police require a tool that will allow learning and development professionals, human resources personnel and management teams to assess and evaluate large volumes of written exams, application forms and performance appraisals in training and recruitment. System requirements include: - text mining free-text answers - multi choice exams - paper feed assessments - report generation - Intuitive user interface - version control capability - archive and saving capability - Instant system ...[more]
Jay RaineyImplementation of an ontology-driven conversational agentIrena SpasicYukun LaiBSc
The focus of this project will be to develop a conversational agent to chat with users with health related problems, such as obesity or poor diet. The conversational aspect will be the focus of the project, and be driven by a domain-specific ontology that requires: 1. Development and implementation of an ontology to facilitate appropriate response selection to user messages. 2. Population/construction of a domain-specific (health) ontology from freely available data, such as research data or da...[more]
Joseph M RedfernVideo to audio conversion for visually impairedKirill SidorovGeorge TheodorakopoulosBSc
As of 2012 there are 285 million visually impaired people in the world, of which 246 million have low vision and 39 million are totally blind. While medical research into treating these conditions is underway, computer scientists can also help! Assuming a visually impaired person retains hearing and is willing to wear a webcam on their head (and a portable computer in the pocket or backpack), it seems possible to develop a piece of software that would analyse the video stream from the camera (an...[more]
Joshua T HeadImage forgery detectionYukun LaiOmer F RanaBSc
Digital images are widely used nowadays and it is generally easy to manipulate the content of digital images using image editing software. Image manipulation could lead to the change of the meaning of the original images. To ensure trustworthiness, image forgery detection techniques have emerged to verify the content integrity and prevent forgery using various image processing techniques. The project involves investigating typical image forgery detection techniques in the literature and evaluate...[more]
Ka Him HoDIY CloudRalph MartinIrena SpasicBSc
Various cloud solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive automatically synchronise data in the cloud to a local computer. The aim of this project is to build a DIY cloud solution, based on an FTPS server controlled by the user. You should provide clients for various platforms (e.g. several of Linux / Mac / Windows / iOS / Android) which - store a master copy of selected files on an FTPS server - downloads changes to all clients as and when the master copy is updated - update the master copy if a fi...[more]
Kiran SmithExtension of probability models to predict association football match outcomesSteven SchockaertAlia I AbdelmotyBSc
For this project, I intend to investigate and further extend probability models on the outcome of association football matches. This new probability model will be used as a basis to understand and devise the best strategy for winning against the UK gambling market in this area. As part of my analysis, I will be taking into account a variety of psychological and non-psychological data in order to maximise the chance of success.[more]
Max ChandlerParallelising the L-BFGS algorithm on GPUs for Quantum Control problemsFrank C LangbeinMatthew J W MorganBSc
Control and optimisation is a key research area, especially in the context of quantum technologies where it is an enabler of core functionalities. Due to the recent advances in GPU processing capabilities it is important to investigate how far one can take advantage of the speedups available for existing algorithms. The Limited-Memory Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno is an iterative, non-linear optimisation algorithm, used to find local minima and maxima of functions. When applied to quantum con...[more]
Michael MarronMulti-player Internet gameAndrew C JonesMatthew J W MorganBSc
This project involves implementing a networked, multi-player game. You may use whichever programming language you prefer (Java would be a suitable choice). The game chosen will preferably be an unusual one. If you wish, you may add an "intelligent" element to this game. If doing a BSc-with-specialism degree, we will need to consider how the game design and implementation helps you to apply the specific skills you have learned by pursuing that specialism.[more]
Redmond Todd-BennettIdentifying crime hotspots using TwitterPeter BurnapXianfang SunBSc
This project will identify references to crime and insecurity on Twitter and plot these on a map to provide a geospatial distribution of crime, possibly by crime type[more]
Simon WintonMotion Driven Computer Games using KinectYukun LaiMichael DaleyBSc
As a new trend for computer games, using devices such as Kinect, users can now control and interact with the games without the need to touch a game controller, through a natural user interface using gestures and spoken commands. Kinect was originally released with Microsoft's game control Xbox and a later model (Kinect for Windows) allows WIndows PC-based developers to take advantage of low cost motion sensing. The project aims at developing computer games that take advantage of the Kinect motio...[more]
Spencer J ThomasPrivacy Implications on the Social WebAlia I AbdelmotyDave MarshallBSc
People willingly give their geographic location information on the Social web, for example, by enabling location features on Google or Twitter. These applications will collect a lot of personal location information and can infer detailed private information. This project will investigate the awareness of implications of location privacy on Twitter, with a view of recommending approaches to protecting user privacy on the Web.[more]
Stuart M JonesUsing indoor location technology to create an interactive experience for users through a mobile applicationChris B JonesOmer F RanaBSc
Investigate different indoor technologies. - GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, iBeacons, RFID tags etc. Explain why I have chosen iBeacons. Create a HTML5 mobile application using Cordova to interact with the iBeacons. - Primarily iOS and Android When the user enters a specific range of the iBeacons and other conditions are met, the mobile app will deliver content to the users. - e.g. a user enters a 1 meter radius of a iBeacon which is positioned next to a painting in a museum. It could deliver information a...[more]
Thomas AgerArtificial Intelligence for Go using Monte-Carlo tree searchSteven SchockaertPaul L RosinBSc
I will be creating an Artificial Intelligence for Go that makes use of Monte-Carlo tree search.[more]